MaxineFred 发表于 2022-9-27 06:32:31

I am the new girl

That is why it is so important to truly contemplate our goals...and decide which pursuits are most important to us at any given time. Once we have determined our most important desires and pursuits, and formulated a solid vision of our goals...we can then begin to apply the second part of the success equation.With a firm grasp of what we want to accomplish...we should begin the process of gaining all the necessary knowledge for successful achievement of our goals.

Sure, a burning desire to start out with must be in the mind and heart to do something, the energy to do it secondly must also be there. Indeed, that something which fully makes success takes more than this, that ability to genuinely navigate or creatively persevere must also be there. Meaning, if one thing does not work, you must change your approach, even if you do have to start again and again until you do get what you do want or succeed.
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